Albert Milià CintasAlbert Milià Cintas

Provides support to the project in the maintenance of the computer platform, content management and the most important with the logistics of the project.

Computer vocation, electronic profession, I like gadgets and technology in general but above all the mountain and discover new places and experiences, work to live and if I could spend my life traveling.

SOS Himalaya - Fundación Iñaki Ochoa de OlzaS.O.S. Himalaya – Fundación Iñaki Ochoa de Olza is a non-profit organization that humbly began its project in the year 2.008 in an amateur and family way, following the values that Iñaki Ochoa de Olza himself maintained and developed in his sports life and and have now matured to become a responsible and committed cooperation organization.

Knowingly your strategy is based on creating multiple but small projects that are easier to perform.

Please, to know more about them, the projects and the documentaries they have made and the ones that are still to be done, do not hesitate to visit

Life Nature Adventure is a personal project that conveys the author’s love and passion for finding beauty in the surrounding world. With an unique, vivid eye for photography, the project documents nature, travels, art, legends and sports, all blended in a context of stories and personal experiences.