The costs

The total cost of the project is 14,850 euros and is broken down into the following items:

  • Flights: 2,000 euros.
  • Transfers: 1,000 euros.
  • Accommodation and services at Base Camp: 2,000 euros.
  • Insurance: 1,000 euros.
  • Visas and permits: 500 euros.
  • Feeding and hygiene: 1,000 euros.
  • Equipment: 6,000 euros.
  • Contingency (10%): 1,350 euros.

The financing

The financing is being carried out from several areas that are described next:

  • Own funds with a contribution to the project of 2,000 euros.
  • Private donations through a campaign on the GoFundMe platform.
  • Sponsorship where we are looking for companies from different areas with which we can collaborate.
  • Public funds or scholarships where we are seeking funding through the European Union, Governments and Foundations.

The competence

Beyond the milestones and the keys of the project and that we have already expressed we want to show some aspects that can have a differentiating character of other projects or similar expeditions and that we consider give us added value.

  • Solidarity as it is a very important part of the project and in a way is the cause to do it.
  • Sustainability and ecology due to the style in which the project will be carried out, we want to cause the least possible impact on the environment in the area, leaving no waste of any kind is something we take very seriously. at the time of practicing the mountaineering.
  • Transparency as the economic management of all the funds obtained since they will be destined, as well as all those contributions that are not economic but that help to carry out the project as can be through equipment can be consulted through this same web.

The problems

The possible problems that we can find when facing this project may be, but not the only, the following:

  • The climatology taking into account that the estimated duration of the project is approximately 50 days and that the summer season has a duration of 3 months, from July to September, the date of the project start will be fixed as long as we can have the greatest guarantees of success, although the climatic factor can not be completely ruled out and can become a problem once the project has started.
  • Acclimatization or diseases as it requires a high adaptability to altitude and a remarkable physical resistance there are several conditions that can be decisive for the success of the project as altitude sickness, metabolic or cardiac problems and even renal or coagulation problems.
  • Accidents although it is not a problem it can become so as accidents can occur due to multiple factors and in the worst case can cause the project can not be completed in a satisfactory way.
  • The budget even though expenditure items have been studied for this to happen, unexpected costs can be incurred that cause the project to only be carried out partially.
  • The team given that if a member at the last minute can not attend leaves little room for maneuver to be replaced and depends on in which cases the project can be compromised or even canceled.

The resources

After the project has been carried out, a series of resources must be generated that must be used:

  • Solidarity through a book from which benefits will be donated to organizations trying to help in disadvantaged areas such as rural Himalayan regions.
  • Support this page will remain active and updated and will have all the information so that it can be freely consulted by any person or team that wishes to carry out this project in the future.
  • Conferences or colloquia to convey the values on which such a project is based, teamwork, ethics, conflict resolution as well as experience.
  • Sponsors in compliance with agreements reached.


I am interested in companies compromised with the mountain and with the sports in their DNA, who shares my motivation and our spirit of adventure.

I can offer maximun visibility to sponsors from today till the end of the project and afterwards, I can provide a lot of media where your products are protagonist, I can test them in extreme cold conditions, I can make reviews or help you in what you need.

I will be happy to work together and succeed during our collaboration.

The support don’t need to be exclusively of an economic nature can be equipment needed in the project.

All interested companies can contact using the contact form under the subject “Sponsorship”.